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how to be good

I've been practising being good, spending all afternoon in St Kilda without buying anything other than Lamchop's Tools in the Dryer. I went into countless clothes, book and CD shops, and showed Admirable RestraintTM.

Yesterday, however, I wandered up to Greville Records with the intention of buying the new Grand Salvo album so I could listen to it before tonight's album launch gig at the Corner Hotel, but I came out with :

  • Grand Salvo - River Road : I've left this in Steph's hands for the moment, but I've had a couple of listens, and it's maintaining the very high standard set by his debut, (1642-1727). I could spot a few songs I'd heard (and loved) from when I saw him last time, which showed they must've stuck in my head more than I thought.

  • Dan Brodie and the Broken Arrows - You make me wanna kill : As I'd heard somewhere or other, this is definitely a "harder" release compared to the album, Big Black Guitar. The opener and title track reeks of Gun Club - onya, Danny Boy.

  • Jeremy Gluck - I knew Buffalo Bill : I'd picked this up on vinyl from Greville last year, and while I wasn't totally sold on the idea of buying it on CD as well, today I just saw it on the shelf and knew it had to be mine. One must trust one's instincts.

  • Nikki Sudden - Back to the Coast : a piece of vinyl I saw sitting in the lonely pile where I'd picked up those Gun Club albums and the Jeremy Gluck one. It was the sticker saying "featuring Rowland S. Howard" that sucked me in, although I suspect that with a little more effort I'll start buying Nikki Sudden's stuff for his own sake.

  • music/2002-04-19-tom-waits

    Also, they had a few posters from Beyond the Pale, including a framed Tom Waits poster. I'm not real sure where I can hang it up at home, given that I've already got my Justin Hampton Nick Cave poster and the little Beastie Boys ones up in convenient spots, and my two chipboard-backed but not exactly framed things with The Saints and The Clash on them still haven't gone up yet.

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