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we are the new fall

a couple of things arrived from the, uh, Mother Country while I was busy thrashing about the office this morning :

  • The Fall - Are you are missing winner (sic) : my attempts to fast-forward through this the moment it arrived, and later in Droo's car on the way home, proved utterly futile, and yet when I put it on a few minutes ago and just let it play while I started writing, it's fine, it's enjoyable, and well, maybe it's also the glass of Canada Dry.

    Wow. That last track's got a really infectious bass/percussion line...

  • Nurse With Wound - Chance meeting on a dissecting table of a sewing machine and an umbrella : a re-release of NWW's very first album, from 1978, which I felt I Ought To Have. I only chucked it on for a couple of minutes earlier today (so far), and couldn't help thinking of Krautrock. This isn't particularly surprising, when I remember this old interview.

  • Nurse With Wound - Thunder Perfect Mind : hmm. pretty rough going, but it sure suited my somewhat downcast mood this evening...

The new NWW album, The Man with the Woman face, is still on its way. Eventually.

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