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david toop visits melbourne

Whilst paying for a couple of things in Synaesthesia, there was a little flyer at the counter announcing a talk/performance by David Toop, who's written a lot of things, including articles for The Wire, as well as doing various musical stuff, like a) that needle in the groove thing with Jeff Noon (although I haven't heard it yet), and b) he's also the guy responsible (apparently) for getting B.J. Cole hooked up with Luke Vibert for that Stop the Panic CD (which I've at least heard bits of, even if I haven't bought it yet).

It's this Wednesday the 10th of April at 6:30pm, at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Dallas Brooks Drive in South Yarra. $10 a ticket ($8 concession), call 9654 6422 ("limited seats", it says). Should be interesting - I oughta get myself along.

* 21:01 * music