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5 years in a PC camp

...via Fall News :

  • The Fall at a glance - includes the all-important "who's in the band this week".

  • The Fall timeline, including the countless personnel changes (as MES said, "if it's me and yer granny playing bongos, it's The Fall").

  • Somebody's appreciation of Mark E. Smith.

It's hard to explain just how good/important a band The Fall are, and it's especially hard to convince people that they're still putting out worthwhile stuff, as if they'd somehow just died off like everybody else when people got bored of Manchester. The last few albums I've had to order from the UK 'cause they never surfaced here, although I was annoyed to see the current album are you are missing winner (sic) show up in Missing Link after I'd given up and ordered it from the UK.

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