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rollins band - get some go again

rollins band - get some go again (2000).

I've been at work all today (saturday) putting new disks in a machine and reinstalling Solaris on it, and since I had a disk crash that lost my mp3 cache (it was all CDs that I own, so nothing's really "lost", per-se) just yesterday afternoon, I've had to resort to the collection of 70-odd CDs that've been sitting on my bookshelf in the office, including the single Rollins Band album I own, having noticed it in a secondhand shop after catching Henry doing a spoken word gig around the middle of last year. There's nothing quite like being in the office alone on a weekend with the music turned up loud (indeed, it's one of the very few perks associated with weekend work), and this is the perfect kind of CD for doing it with. Catch that mid-afternoon slump unawares with Rollins-power and send it screaming for the door ! Were I in some kind of sit-com, I suppose I'd be running around the room playing air-guitar to this, just as the boss walks in and gets to make some kind of witty, disparaging comment. Fortunately I'm spared this (both the air guitar and the wit), and the music provides that little burst of up-tempo energy I need to keep typing and watching and waiting as I do all those menial post-installation tasks.

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