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the pernice brothers at the corner hotel, april 11th

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If you've heard any of Joe Pernice's songs, you wouldn't think of them as the kind of thing that'd make him work up a sweat while playing. Wrong ! While Thom Monahan and Peyton Pinkerton got to sit down and play, Joe stood up, and while he had his glasses on he almost seemed a little Elvis Costello-like, raising his eyebrows as he played and generally looking like he was really making an effort. Towards the end of it, he was dripping sweat as he played. He talked a little, joked a little, and I had a great time.

The set list (which I don't normally bother writing down these days), was like so. As you can see, he played tracks from every album, which was a very nice surprise.

  • bum leg.
  • crestfallen.
  • everyone else is evolving.
  • she heightened everything.
  • bryte side.
  • overcome by happiness.
  • the ballad of bjorn borg.
  • hundred dollar pocket.
  • "we're gonna try something out on you," Joe said : pipe bomb (with drum machine).
  • television.
  • working girls.
  • flaming wreck.
  • nobody's watching.
  • monkey suit.
  • chicken wire.
  • grudge f***.
  • silo (solo).
  • freight of fire (silo).
  • cronulla breakdown.
  • prince valium.
  • all i know.
  • wait to stop.


Support was by Lisa Miller, who did the nice country singer type of thing, with a nice strong voice and a strangely familiar backup band - Shane O'Mara (who went sick on a few tracks with some weird guitar pedals, to much applause afterwards), Bill McDonald, and Peter Jones (they've have all played together with Stephen Cummings) !

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