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poking around

A couple of other reviews of things that have been on my mind, and hence an attempt to inject a... [more]

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the western lands

More recent acquisitions. Thursday : Giant Sand - Cover Magazine : I'd been meaning to pick up a Giant Sand... [more]

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mark eitzel at the evelyn

I caught Mark Eitzel at the Evelyn last night, despite my oncoming cold - fortunately he was on before... [more]

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escape meta alt ctrl shift

My left ctrl key occasionally gets stuck on, nowadays. Not the key itself (as far as I can see),... [more]

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Oh, here's that mix-CD that went par avion the other week. The next one enters postofficeland tomorrow, destined for another... [more]

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the go-betweens with the lucksmiths at the corner hotel

"Ok, you've caught us out," said the Lucksmiths' drummer/vocalist. "We're actually miming to that guy down there," acknowledging the... [more]

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the turgid miasma of existence

So far, it looks like I might not have time to process the 195 photos from last night's Lucksmiths /... [more]

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at last

I'm seeing The Go-Betweens (well, Robert and Grant at least - we mustn't forget Lindy) at the Corner tonight. The... [more]

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stop!! before playing this record be certain your health is good

I found a self-titled album by the's in Raoul. They didn't seem to sing very well, but it didn't... [more]

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current listening - the steinbecks - draining the pool for you

There've been a few bands from these shores (The Church being one that immediately comes to mind) that could've almost... [more]

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blip squelch thump

I made a quick lunchtime pilgrimage to Synaesthesia yesterday, to get this Nanoloop compilation along with the new Rough Trade... [more]

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lost !

I'm having a lot of trouble trying to find out where I left my copy of the Merzbow album door... [more]

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ten beautiful things

Steve Earle's cover of Rivers of Babylon. No, really. Felafel rolls, wraps, or whatever they're called, for lunch, in... [more]

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full speed ahead

The first picture is most of the CDs I removed from the changer last week. The next two are... [more]

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what are you reading at ?... [more]

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site updates

I got all enthusiastic yesterday arvo, and crossed something else off my long-standing "things to do when I get around... [more]

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eitzel on the way

Good thing I was paying attention for a change, as the tram passed the Evelyn, 'cause it said Mark Eitzel's... [more]

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breaking a short drought

I'd managed to hold off for an entire week, but since I was in Chapel St, it was hard to... [more]

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I want to find useful things to say about music I've bought recently, but instead I find myself (for the... [more]

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new Rough Trade electronic compilation

Rough Trade follow on (I suppose) from their 25-year anniversary boxed set with a nice-looking 2-CD compilation of electronica called... [more]

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mr walker

I walked from the nether-regions of Southbank, where the trams were banked up on their detour from the St... [more]

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Another mix CD done, in a flurry of productivity that had me making more space in my room, sweeping... [more]

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What a haul ! 7 CDs for $44, from the outside bin at Quality Music in Malvern. Two of them... [more]

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last tram to slowville

I got there in time for a drink before Slowville started, on a tiny stage in the back room. A... [more]

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little victories

My life's full of extremely minor victories right now : The will to read some of my books has returned... [more]

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It's tempting, as always, to sit here all night and...well...not mope, I don't mope as much as I used to,... [more]

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a place in the sun

I may have stopped writing (the mood hasn't been right all week), but on the other hand I finally started... [more]

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I hadn't been to St Kilda, post-Grand Prix, so I wandered down in my lunch break for a quick... [more]

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a box of metal and plastic things

I've emptied, and (so far) half-filled my 200-CD changer. It's a thankless task, all those cases in piles and piles... [more]

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the red room

First of all, I wandered into the city, bracing myself for the Grand Prix crowds, although it didn't turn... [more]

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we never close

The Blackeyed Susans played at the Rosstown in Carnegie on 2002-03-02. These guys always put on a good show.... [more]

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pre-dinner shopping

I passed through the city on the way to see Uncle Bill yesterday, and dropped into Missing Link : is... [more]

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rainy days

Whilst we often use the expression "I'm saving that task for a rainy day," it's not all that often that... [more]

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40 miles to saturday night

Uncle Bill's last gig at the Czech Club in North Melbourne, March 1st 2002. Gerry Hale quipped "wow, there's... [more]

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