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breaking a short drought

I'd managed to hold off for an entire week, but since I was in Chapel St, it was hard to hold off any longer.

  • Gang of Four - 100 Flowers Bloom : this reappeared at Disc, so I wasn't letting it go again. I do prefer The Wedding Present's cover of I found that essence rare for it's breakneck speed, but there's no bettering the original of To hell with poverty...

  • i am sam soundtrack : another album full of Beatles covers - It wasn't particularly high on the want list - I wouldn't have bought this yet if it wasn't that I decided to get the others, too.

  • Steve Earle - train a comin' : a bit of back-cataloguing.

  • The Liquor Giants - up with people : nice and poppy guitar stuff (the shop's description of them being fairly similar to Teenage Fanclub seemed a fair call), from long-ex-Gun Clubber Ward Dotson.

  • The Gun Club - Death Party : some 5-track EP that was going cheap, and seemed like something to add to the collection.

  • Elvis Costello - All this useless beauty : I guess I'm glad I waited this long, after there's been yet another rerelease of all his stuff, this time with a bonus disc for each album. Bruce had recommended this one to me (in particular), so I figured I'd (re)start here. I've also got an old copy of This Year's Model sitting around at work that needs some extra attention paid to it, one of these days...

  • A book - Greil Marcus' Mystery Train (revised 25th anniversary edition, it says) : I'd been circling this in Greville Records for a while, and now seemed like The Day To Buy It - once I finish Mo Yan's The Republic of Wine I guess I'll start this - if I keep my reading broad, maybe it'll help keep up the momentum. Or something.

  • Another Schwipe t-shirt, from SMC Evolve. It's brown, and says "Schwipe Lager" and stuff. I remember at last year's t-shirt exhibition, these guys had a fridge full of beer bottles relabled with their own logos, so I guess this follows on from that.

  • A rather large book on deploying LDAP services, by the guys who invented it. I'd been after this for ages. Of course, I didn't find the book I was actually looking for.

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