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The Blackeyed Susans played at the Rosstown in Carnegie on 2002-03-02.

These guys always put on a good show. I wish I knew what was going on with that other album of theirs, rumoured to be called "Shangri-La". It's apparently been in the works since before they did last year's covers album, Dedicated to the ones we love. Also, they seem to have pulled Smokin' Johnny Cash out of enforced retirement, at last. The crowd cheered for an encore - an odd prospect at the Rosstown, first time I've seen it happen - so Rob (and later, Dan) came out to sing Apartment number 9, accompanied by Kiernan on keyboards. Very classy. I remember listening to that song, as covered by the Blackeyed Susans, endlessly after one girlfriend left me - I was living in flat number 9 at the time, so it seemed a reasonable thing to do.

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