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at last

I'm seeing The Go-Betweens (well, Robert and Grant at least - we mustn't forget Lindy) at the Corner tonight. The Lucksmiths are supporting, and yes, I shamefully admit it'll be be the first time I've seen either of them live. Just checking the website again, I notice they're having the album launch gig for Grand Salvo's new one, apparently called River Road, on April 21st. Plus, as I'd mentioned previously, the Pernice Brothers on the 11th and Ed Kuepper on the 12th, with Silver Ray - I hadn't noticed that little bit earlier. I'll be interested to see if they can convey their sweeping musical moods in a room full of people who'll probably talk over them. Also, part of me's hoping they'll be selling the Pernice Brothers "i hate my life" t-shirts at the gig, but the other part of me probably won't end up letting me buy one...

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