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blue train

I was in a state of general despair, because I didn't exactly know what to do with myself after work.... [more]

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elvis costello gets t-shirted

I found a t-shirt yesterday in the embarrasingly-named Renegade Cyberstore (yes, really), that said "what's so funny 'bout peace, love... [more]

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a walk in the black forest

I walked across Prahran for an optometrist appointment, dodging empty wheelie bins and bottle recycling buckets strewn across side-street... [more]

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one mike

I woke up knowing I could sing an old song called Moonshiner to the tune of Tugboat's jangly gem, Northern... [more]

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...and back again

gone already. over and out. I took the SkyBus back to the city and walked around for a while,... [more]

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mix CDs

Since it has now landed in the hands of its recipient, I can give away the contents of that mix... [more]

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the very strange night

Songs: Ohia were playing with the Art of Fighting at the Corner - whilst I could probably get around... [more]

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on the joshu front...

...Tonkatsu Joshu have found a location in Springvale, and hope to open in April.... [more]

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odd objects

The things you find in K-Mart carparks...... [more]

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current listening - golden rough - provenance

It's not really out until March the 3rd or so, but I picked up a copy of the new Golden... [more]

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"once or twice to kill my pain and once to bring it back again" The Corner Hotel's finally put a... [more]

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it's a sick sick building but it's never gonna make me insane

Some days, it's harder to concentrate than others. Some days, you almost wait for the thud as the air... [more]

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it never ends

We were breakfasting in Chapel St and DVD-hunting for Mavis' brother in law, and such. Last weekend I'd spied that... [more]

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Inexplicably, Raoul had a 21% off (like, off everything, but cash only) sale, just when I was trying to be... [more]

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saturday night's alright for a wedding

Scott and Emily got married upstairs in Retro, a nice cafe in Brunswick St, Fitzroy. I didn't take many... [more]

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fonts - handel gothic

I see that one of the link memes of the past few days has been an article about the ubiquitous... [more]

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I was proud of my self-restraint in past weeks, but the first day Mavis is back and I went beserk.... [more]

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too hot to think

Yesterday, I walked around the city, and then the airport, until my feet hurt. It was a hot day,... [more]

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airwaves and outlaws

By pure chance I got home just in time to read my mail and find out that Stefan was doing... [more]

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mystery train

Well, to whoever bought me the DVD of Rushmore, it arrived today. Thank you very much !... [more]

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turn of the century

I'm not exactly sure how I managed it, but I've made it to 100 posts. Unsurprisingly, half of them are... [more]

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going south

I unexpectedly received a couple of gifts yesterday - Chi gave me another of his wonderful mix CDs, along with... [more]

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Hungover on Tuesday.... [more]

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magic, fear and superstition

Kenneth Branagh was born today too, eh ? I wonder what that means. Very much enjoying the curse of the... [more]

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in metal

The problem with birthdays is that you feel compelled to spend the day doing something useful. One can't waste the... [more]

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shock treatment

The shock of seeing a new release for $40 (see over there) wasn't quite the end of it. I wandered... [more]

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three colours : green

...plus green plus red. I went in for a bleach and mentioned I'd be going green soon. Adrian, my hairdresser... [more]

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death by a thousand disappointments

Around the corner and into Flinders Lane, where I thought I'd pay a visit to Tonkatsu Joshu as a... [more]

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I've been quietly watching the days go by. Mum gave me a copy of No Logo for Christmas. I'd... [more]

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It arrived ! I'm justifying this as my birthday present to myself in an effort not to feel guilty... [more]

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The other things that turned up this morning with the fabulous Ladytron CD were the two Tipsy albums, Trip Tease... [more]

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a bit of catching up

I wasn't quite feeling up to doing much with the camera over the past week or two, but I... [more]

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remember i was vapour, remember i was just like you

Listening to the new Ladytron album (604) makes me feel young again. Space travel's something that's going to happen Real... [more]

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stationary space

The idea of playing surf music - that Man or Astroman? one I picked up - while I restored files... [more]

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stuck in the in-between

I had to work, and in between that tech-support rollercoaster - where you think "aha ! this is the missing... [more]

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free to a good home

A couple of years back, they were throwing out a laser printer at work. Foolishly, I took it home, thinking... [more]

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people thought my windows were stars

It was the kind of day at work where I needed comfort, and in between all my fretting I only... [more]

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