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My CDNow order arrived : The Mekons - Curse of the Mekons / Fun '90 : More magic that I'm... [more]

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a small nick of time

I was washing my bedroom windows in (well, as much as I could reach) in the late afternoon, listening to... [more]

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Doing anything on Februrary the 16th ? If you're not going to somebody's wedding like I am, you should get... [more]

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I walked up Chapel St again, trying to take photos of things. I'll have to try harder next time... [more]

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the mercy seat

"this ain't no party this ain't no disco this ain't no foolin' around" talking heads. I'm not generally one to... [more]

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After yesterday's wedding, I eased into the day, but once I got to the first CD shop there was no... [more]

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wedding season

Congratulations Darren and Fleur. Next stop, Scott and Emily next month. [ all pictures from the wedding ].... [more]

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current listening - ed kuepper - the diving board

1995's A King in the Kindness Room was, at the time, noted more for Ed's beautifully twisted cover of Highway... [more]

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be a man. be a human animal.

I found this old poster at Camberwell Market in May last year - we'd turned up because Eugenie was... [more]

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the captain and his gloves

It starts with this scraping sound, as I walk up the street towards the tram stop just before 7am. Ok.... [more]

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current listening - refused - new noise

After a confusing and muddled day, sometimes there's nothing like some primal noise to make it all better. I've had... [more]

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bip bip bip bop bop bop

it's a nice coincidence so I guess that means I oughta buy it : random wanderings took me around a... [more]

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city cafe, st kilda

Since I was here with company for a change, I forsook my usual "nutty bagel" for a breakfast menu... [more]

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four seasons of trouble

I don't often buy vinyl, and usually I can't even be bothered browsing through it, but since I was killing... [more]

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ninety nine at the corner hotel

I managed to catch up with Haiyan before she heads back to Canada, and then we wandered down to... [more]

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New Scientist says : A new way of making silicon explode could mean anyone trying to use a stolen laptop... [more]

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minor things

Got a "CR-V7-UC" USB CompactFlash card reader ? Just to prove I'm not completely useless (merely "almost useless"), here's... [more]

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sub terrain, north fitzroy

I happened to be waiting for a tram just near the old Yellow Peril whilst on the way to... [more]

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midday purchasing

Whilst out doing some other shopping, I ended up near Second Spin, and, well... : Arab Strap - The Red... [more]

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current listening - stephen cummings - when day is done

I'm doing a last round of the 200 CD changer before I restock it from scratch, and up came Stephen... [more]

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my lost weekend

A day of celebration, drinking, (extremely) amateur sport and general merriment as a precursor to Darren's upcoming wedding. [... [more]

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wanna hear my heart break, if it must break...

Songs: Ohia are coming to Melbourne ! 22nd of Feb at the Corner Hotel with Art of Fighting (although AoF... [more]

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walking after midnight

In a month and a day I'll be 29. For some people, 29's as far as they got. Two other... [more]

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electronic mail vanity

Remember back in the mid-90's when X-Face: headers were all the rage ? This used to be mine, as culled... [more]

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things to do on hot days

So rather than going out into a 35 degree day or whatever it was going to be, or generating more... [more]

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Well, besides from that fuzzy thing up above (the blurry look + mixed up words was Mavis' idea), I've also... [more]

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the curse of the mekons

CBD shopping today, whereupon I was hoping to be able to listen to a copy of Alex Chilton's Like Flies... [more]

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the CEO of the sofa

Mum, who's been steadily refining her book choices for me over successive recent Christmases, gave me P.J. O'Rourke's The CEO... [more]

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wishing machine

I forget what triggered it off, but I finally gave in to Amazon and setup a wishlist. But it's not... [more]

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Cute, joyful and probably the most cynicism-free film I've seen in a long time. The sort of child-like nature rings... [more]

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this year's [box] model

waffle waffle waffle CSS-twiddling waffle waffle waffle. Hopefully it looks "better". If it doesn't, I'd love to know about it.... [more]

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the man who wasn't there

So I went to see The Man Who Wasn't There [imdb, official website] (once my hangover let me get out... [more]

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original spirits

New Year's Eve, somewhere in Abbotsford (as usual), 2001. This time I didn't have to worry about taking most... [more]

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