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electronic mail vanity

Remember back in the mid-90's when X-Face: headers were all the rage ?

This used to be mine, as culled from my (in)famous 1991 learner's permit (which is as far as I ever got into driving, but if you've seen me in person there's a 99% chance that you've heard the story and seen the card in question, probably on multiple occasions. I'm so predictable):

[ an old picture of me.  you're not missing out on much. ]

Somehow that just doesn't cut it anymore, so I took a picture that's only 18-months old instead, and came up with this:

[ a new picture of me.  you're still not missing out on anything in particular. ]

Of course, the number of people who use mailreaders that understand X-Face headers (long live gnus !) are dwindling, so this is all pretty pointless these days. But one needs to humour oneself.

* 18:53 * geek