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things to do on hot days

So rather than going out into a 35 degree day or whatever it was going to be, or generating more content, or doing other website twiddling like I did yesterday, I ended up rating more stuff (mostly CDs) on Amazon, and now that I've reached 1000 things, I figure I really ought to stop right now and do something useful with my life. Anybody who reads all my profiling data's just going to be confused, and they're probably off looking for the Tylenol right about now.

Of course, while I was going through this process, I ended up revisiting old titles I hadn't thought about in absolutely ages, and kept thinking "yeah. I should listen to this again," and after thinking this for the 30th time I started thinking "this is impossible." But really. One of these days I'll get around to revisiting all those Barry Adamson albums, the Far Out Corporation, Buffalo Tom, that second Psykosonik album, all my old Tangerine Dream stuff, Japan, Stereolab, Haujobb, Mono Puff, Yatsura, the Brian Jonestown Massacre, and a heap of other bands that just kinda fell off my stack. I don't even know how I keep it all in my head.

In the meantime though, I re-listened to The Lucksmiths' Why that doesn't surprise me, which seems to get quietly and delicately better upon every listen (which, admittedly, have been pretty far apart). Johnny Cash's Unchained is growing on me with its simplicity. Also, there's a Ladytron track from their new album over at epitonic that's quite appealing (and goes to show that the 80's are back).

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