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For the people who seem fond of lists, the approximate contents of my half of the computer table, after "cleaning... [more]

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i wasn't really expecting this

...but it seems that Mission of Burma are reforming for a couple of gigs. I'd just picked their two studio... [more]

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mystery plane

It's not the kind of weather for doing much other than sitting around and waiting for the cool change, but... [more]

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fire, fire

The Gun Club were on my "hover" list. Occasionally I'll see a CD in a shop somewhere, and in... [more]

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I don't really understand the kind of magnetism these power lines wield over me, but they've always been there... [more]

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so one way you can pass the time on Christmas Eve is to restock that little bag of CDs you... [more]

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a few more

A visit to SMC Evolve. I think I might have to take the grey one back 'cause it'll shrink... [more]

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woody allen - what's up tiger lily ?

Just last weekend, Michael mentioned this film, and while I was gadding about in Disc on Chapel St (at the... [more]

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simon reynolds on post-punk

...since I'd never remember to buy Uncut anyway, and besides, this one's longer. Also, this showed up on the same... [more]

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odd little games

We used to drive past this place all the time when I was a kid, while Dad drove to Bacchus... [more]

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uncle bill at the czech club, north melbourne

I had some time to kill beforehand, so I started reading my book (Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha) at a cafe... [more]

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big mouth

Big Mouth on a Sunday morning. Best done with friends. I must admit I don't remember what the food's... [more]

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today's shopping

A quiet wander around the CBD. First stop Missing Link. I'm about to walk out empty-handed when the guy in... [more]

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current listening - the wedding present - love machine

I've been listening to a lot of country music, but sometimes I let my random mp3 choosing script do the... [more]

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the view out the window

I found myself back in the habit of going next door for a coffee before settling down to work.... [more]

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a short drive

We went for a short drive, from the work christmas lunch to the hospital to check in on a... [more]

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top something or other

Giving in to rampant listage, here's mine, gathered from the *mumble*-hundred-and-17 CDs I've purchased so far this year. (of course,... [more]

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Will Oldham's playing next weekend, and just after finding that interview at The Age, I also found a rather interesting... [more]

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you're not an airplane

This is about the most energetic you'll see me. On the way up to Glen Iris, I'd noticed a... [more]

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current listening - yo la tengo - fakebook

Yo La Tengo - Fakebook. A walk in the park. I'm quite fond of cover albums - creative reinterpretation of... [more]

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long may she rain

I needed to feel the pavement under my feet for a while. It didn't matter about the weather, I took... [more]

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current listening - this sad paradise / april wind e.p.

Golden Rough - This Sad Paradise and the April Wind ep. Suburban existential music. or something. I picked these up... [more]

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death to 'death to the pixies'

Somebody asked me how many tshirts I actually had, so I went and counted them last weekend, and discovered... [more]

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