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lost and found

Jup Jang Thai cafe/restaurant/whatever, Burke Rd Camberwell. Melbourne certainly isn't short of Thai restaurants. There's a couple in every suburb,... [more]

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current listening - out-takes, castaways, pirate women and takeaways

A new collection of Ed Kuepper oddities, while we patiently wait for the remastered Today Wonder. I had some time... [more]

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succmbing to link-o-rama

But this is a nice review for an album you all ought to own.... [more]

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this weekend's non-purchases

It really feels like I'm running out of things to buy. Honestly. The last few times I've wandered into Greville... [more]

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five and a half years

It was actually the very day I came back to work after that Central Australia trip that I decided I... [more]

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current listening - the thin man bordello

various artists, the thin man bordello (2000). I've hardly bought anything in the past 2 weeks, so I'm going back... [more]

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old photos

I won a PC, a scanner and a printer, as part of the 3RRR Radiothon (thanks guys !) So now... [more]

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we have a technical

r.i.p. one power supply, or something. Fortunately I had a spare PC around the house to put this webserver's disk... [more]

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crucifying venus in cinemascope

The natural born psycho of the lambs, at Trades Hall Council, Saturday 18th of November. It's been a while since... [more]

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current listening - spit the blues out

The Saints, Spit the blues out (2001). It's true that Chris Bailey's always worn his influences on his sleeve, all... [more]

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current listening - Evil 94.97

Underground Lovers - Evil 94.97 (2000). I bought this at their 10 year anniversary gig earlier this year. Not having... [more]

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growing my DVD collection

I'd gone in to buy The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover a while back, but the guy... [more]

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current listening - The Power and the Passion

various artists - The Power and the Passion ... a tribute to Midnight Oil (2001). My sister lent this to... [more]

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more weekend purchases

Every time I buy a few more CDs I think "right, that's it, I'll stop for a while so I... [more]

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tonkatsu joshu

Good things come in small packages, especially this little place on Flinders Lane, in the Melbourne CBD. It's was... [more]

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Number 1400, Pizzicato Five's The fifth release from Matador (2000). See also number 1000. Yes, only that long ago.... [more]

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current listening - Skeleton Key

Stephen Cummings, Skeleton Key (2001). It's often considered dangerous, I suppose, to be reviewing (such as it is) things this... [more]

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current listening - Moon Pix

Cat Power, Moon Pix (1998). "she plays the difficult parts and I play difficult" I spent all day in a... [more]

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blue corn

We haven't really had a hip Mexican café in Melbourne before (or at least, I was asleep when there was.... [more]

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just to get wet on purpose

Catching up with some videos from Rage from the past couple of weeks... The Blackeyed Susans - Private Dancer :... [more]

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translation help

If you could tell me what it says on my new t-shirt, I'd be most grateful. I usually try... [more]

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this is not a manifesto

This blog isn't intentionally all about music - just, well, it's easier to crap on about music than other things... [more]

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john, I've been bad, and they're coming after me

The problem with wandering into shops like Dick Smith's Megastore with another music head (in this case, my sister) is... [more]

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current listening - The Monkey Puzzle

...and how I chose a name for this blog. The Saints, The Monkey Puzzle (1981). I needed something to listen... [more]

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notes from a small island

What I Bought On My Holidays by Andrew James Cosgriff age 28 and a fair bit. So I was in... [more]

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recent purchases

Today's "oh my god I've got to get my arse down to this" : Marquis de Tren and Bonnie Prince... [more]

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