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five and a half years

It was actually the very day I came back to work after that Central Australia trip that I decided I needed to do something silly like bleach my hair. And so I did. The next logical step was to colour it some really bright colour. Orange, I think it was.

In that time, as partly evident over yonder, I've subjected myself to most of the Fudge range of hair colours. My bathroom cupboard's got a heap of half-used tubes in it, at the moment it's mostly various blues and their disappointing black. I did Orange Crush upon my return from Singapore (I would've done it before I went, but Mavis sensibly pointed out that I'd be sweating it all out pretty quickly over there), and now that it's faded out a bit too much I've chucked in what was left of my Red Corvette tube. I haven't done green since I was in Brisbane (for the WWW7 conference, of all things), but every time I think about green, I just can't manage to get enthused about it.

In around about 14 month's time I'll be 30 years old, and I think one is supposed to stop this kind of thing by then. Help.

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