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more weekend purchases

Every time I buy a few more CDs I think "right, that's it, I'll stop for a while so I can digest things." If only...

So I listened to that Grandaddy CD on Friday night, and thought "hey, where have you been all this time ?", so when I found myself in Chapel St before going in to do a server upgrade on Saturday afternoon, I couldn't help going in to buy another of their albums, the one CDNow had been thrusting in my face via their recommendations page.

While I ate my eggs benedict in some Greville St café, I continued reading the new issue of The Wire that had just arrived, and they mentioned about the new re-releases of some 23 Skidoo stuff on CD, finally. Having read other bits and pieces about them (I think The Wire interviewed them a while back ?), it seemed like something I probably Ought To Have In The Library(tm), so since I had to walk back past Greville Records on the way to work, it seemed logical enough to go in and pick one up. And the new Sodastream album, while I was giving in...

  • Grandaddy - The Sophtware Slump : there's the obvious Sparklehorse link when you hear the stuff, and especially when you see the back cover picture - Jason Lyle (I guess) in white suit + cowboy hat, carrying a keyboard. But I do mean this in a good way. I mean, even just a cursory listen to Under the Western Freeway was enough to make me decide I should go and buy this album too. Good work, guys. The Crystal Lake is a fabulous track, so far.

  • 23 Skidoo - Urban Gamelan : Like I said, an archival purchase. And it's pretty good stuff, interesting, especially putting it into its temporal context.

  • Sodastream - The hill for company : A little soporific in nature, and perhaps not too dissimilar to their nice Looks like a Russian, this made a good accompaniment to my Sunday morning tram ride up Glenferrie Road and subsequent train ride out to Boronia on Sunday morning.

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