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fire, fire


The Gun Club were on my "hover" list. Occasionally I'll see a CD in a shop somewhere, and in my usual indecisive manner, I'll go back and look at it every time I go there, but decide not to buy it...yet. I recently read PSF's Gun Club article and figured that I'd been circling Fire of Love at Greville Records for long enough. Of course, now that I got home I noticed the same article had been posted to the Rowland S. Howard mailing list about 6 months ago, and I'd marked it in my mail reader to "read properly later" - it's probably what made me start looking out for their CDs in the first place. Ah, the circular nature of life...

I also popped into SMC Evolve, to return that t-shirt I shouldn't have bought in the first place - their manufacturer has some weird concept of what XL means. The only thing I felt like exchanging it for was one with a simple Transformers-like chevronny design on it (after all, there was more to the 80's than met the eye).

On the tram home, there was a guy wearing a t-shirt with the spiderweb cover of The Fall's Dragnet. I only saw it as he was about to hop off the tram, and I briefly considered asking the usual silly question - "where did you get it ?" - but stopped myself, remembering the time (many years ago now, I guess I don't have cool t-shirts anymore) when somebody asked me where I got my Wedding Present t-shirt from. Telling them that I picked it up for $10 in Gaslight's chuckout bin didn't make me feel particularly helpful - ultimately, I want people to enjoy the things I enjoy. This has become increasingly difficult over the years, as my musical preferences spin off in all sorts of directions, and I find it harder and harder to try and explain to people exactly how I like all these things at once.

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