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uncle bill at the czech club, north melbourne

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I had some time to kill beforehand, so I started reading my book (Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha) at a cafe in Errol St for a while, before wandering over to the Czech Club.

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This band is 100% strings. A double-bass, a gee-tar, a banjo, and mandolin/guitar/fiddle. Chock full of foot-tapping goodness, I can highly recommend showing up to Uncle Bill's next gig at the Czech Club on February the 1st. Their March 1st gig will apparently be their last for the time being, so don't say you weren't warned (it seems their website's domain name has already gone walkabout...)

There's half-litre bottles of nice Czech beer to drink all afternoon, and goulash during the intermission. It's all very friendly.

A girl out the front called Annabel was selling some CDs, and since I already have all the Uncle Bill ones I bought an odd-looking CD called Jah Country by Dianna Kiss (featuring Ross Hannaford et al). It's pretty much what you'd expect, given the name. It sounds kinda fun, so far, and there's a pretty inspired cover of "Your Cheatin' Heart" (among others).

I took a couple of 30-second videos with my camera, but I dunno whether it'd be the "right thing to do" to put them up.

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