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current listening - yo la tengo - fakebook

Yo La Tengo - Fakebook.

A walk in the park.

I'm quite fond of cover albums - creative reinterpretation of a band's favourite songs, or at least, songs they felt they could do a good creative reinterpretation of. But there are other cover albums, too - the ones where, rather than trying to be different or wacky, or whatever, the band just does simple, heartfelt renditions of tracks they like.

I was going for a short walk around Caulfield Park - I'd been sitting and reading and staring and the ground and the sky and the rest of the world too much, so I just needed to walk for a while. I didn't quite feel up to listening to the rest of the new Solex CD I'd just bought, so I poked around in my CD bag for something a little more "down". Fakebook makes a good middle ground, with covers of songs like Here comes my baby or Tried so hard that are sad, but played in an upbeat but relaxed and almost happy manner - the kind of song you can't help but sing along with. And so I continued around the park, feeling a little lost, a little lonely, but still in fairly good spirits.

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