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remember i was vapour, remember i was just like you

Listening to the new Ladytron album (604) makes me feel young again. Space travel's something that's going to happen Real Soon Now ('cause like, all those synthesizers == space). All that New Romantic stuff seems like a good idea. For christmas, I receive a Devo cassette. Life's full of promise. Well. It still is, although I think my future involves a lot less Lego than it did back then.

...and there was some ad on commercial radio, back in the early 80's. The one I remember most of all, I think. As it started, you just heard some random bleepy noises, and then a girl said "can you turn that down ? why can't you listen to some real music like Talking Heads ?". The voiceover says "imagine what it'll be like when you grow up." I think it was an ad for banks, or saving money, or something.

* 13:44 * music