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stationary space

The idea of playing surf music - that Man or Astroman? one I picked up - while I restored files off tape for our big disaster recovery test (as opposed to the smaller, pre-big-test tests) had a certain appeal, perhaps only because I'd been so busy worrying about this that I'd lost a fair amount of my common sense. Unfortunately, sitting next to a big machine-room-sized air conditioner ruins the acoustics. Well, that and having it coming out of the laptop's docking station speakers. I gave up.

What I really needed after all this was a decent beer, but since I'm back on the antibiotics (my fingers have regressed...at least, one thumb did, in spectacular form over the weekend), I'm settling for lemon juice cordial with soda water.

I should put away that damn Slowdive CD, because it's all too easy just to put it on instead of other things I ought to be working through.

I'm quite liking the dreamy guitar and bass on Paul Kelly's Forbidden Street (off Manila). It's the kind of arrangement that could happily go on forever in the background and keep you from feeling fully awake. The vocals are mixed pretty quietly compared to the other bits, which doesn't help, I suppose.

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