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it never ends

We were breakfasting in Chapel St and DVD-hunting for Mavis' brother in law, and such. Last weekend I'd spied that Woodstock Sessions disc (local artists - Stephen Cummings, Joe Camilleri, Ross Wilson, etc doing Bob Dylan songs) in the window of a closed Greville Records, so we went back to get it. I let myself be distracted by two other compilations - a new Candle Records one, plus some alt.country one (like, labelled as such) by the venerable K-tel. 2 CDs for $15 seemed reasonable. Best of all, though, was a vinyl copy of Swervedriver's first album Raise, with the bonus 7-inch I remember Steve having all those years ago when it first came out. I loved those two tracks, Surf Twang and Deep Twang. One of them metamorphosed into a track called Last Train to Satansville on their next album, Mezcal Head. A year or so back, I managed to half-download one of the tracks from Napster. It's good to finally have them. Now all I need is the Never Lose That Feeling EP, and I'll be a happy man.

I didn't pick up the copy of Gang of Four's 100 Flowers Bloom 2-CD box that'd been languishing in Disc on Chapel St for months - now that I finally decided to buy it, it was gone. That'll teach me.

Later on, in Second Spin, I picked up two American Music Club albums - Engine and United Kingdom, indulging myself in a bit of backtracking on Mark Eitzel's work. They also had a copy of Cat Power's What would the community think going at a reasonable rate, so I picked it up before it vanished.

Oh yeah, that Candle compilation makes 1500. eek.

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