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current listening - golden rough - provenance

It's not really out until March the 3rd or so, but I picked up a copy of the new Golden Rough album, Provenance, in the Candle-run Polyester Records. It follows on pretty well from the thoroughly excellent This Sad Paradise, with more wistful stories - it's all about stories - and well-written lyrical snatches, especially in the title track - "I've made a thousand from a single love gone wrong" and "I have no blues to sing / except of my own making".

Another track that stands out so far is Lucinda, with its old 60's girl-group-type backbeat, and the scene set of the couple watching the singer. "you loved the song where she gets out of the car / just to know again the way it feels to be alone / you would always play that song with me then you were gone".

At times (especially as a couple of songs start up) it seems like Dave Orwell's trying to sound a bit like Joe Pernice. Try 99% for example. But that's ok - he's no mere imitator, his songs stand up on their own - they're storylike and setting-the-scene descriptive, compared to Pernice's more poetic lyrics.

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