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"once or twice to kill my pain
and once to bring it back again"

The Corner Hotel's finally put a date on the Joe Pernice gig - April 11th. I still remember one mid-uni New Year's Eve, a friend freaking out at a guy in our group with a guitar starting to play (and whistle) a They Might Be Giants track because it was "too depressing" (the song was Road Movie to Berlin if you were wondering how the hell a TMBG song could be "depressing"). We were a bit surprised, but hey, it's a free world I guess. Nevertheless, if you don't like sad music, you really don't want to see Joe Pernice. If, on the other hand, you love sad music, you probably want to get yerself down to see Joe and his band while they're here. Highly recommended for his wonderfully poetic edge to loss and loneliness.

Ed Kuepper's playing on the 12th, so it looks like I'll be down there two nights in a row. I remember, mid-to-late 90's, when Ed seemed to gig in Melbourne once every few months, so if I missed one, it didn't seem so bad 'cause he'd be back soon. Silly me, missing the last time he was here...

Other gigs you may have already heard about are The Saints on the 15th of March (they're down here for the East Coast Blues Festival and, like Steve Earle, are gracing Melbourne with their presence), the Go-Betweens on the 23rd/24th of March, and Jimi Tenor on the 26th of April.

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