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shock treatment

The shock of seeing a new release for $40 (see over there) wasn't quite the end of it. I wandered into Basement Discs after lunch and saw some other new release CD (that new one by Hank III) for $45. Ouch !

Upstairs at Synaesthesia, $35 seemed like a steal for In the Beginning there was Rhythm, a Soul Jazz compilation of late 70's punk/dance crossover bands with a nice fat booklet to go with it. There were also some t-shirts in the shop this time, but the sizes indicated that maybe I need to shrink a bit if I want to listen to this kind of stuff.

I wandered into Au Go Go too, and picked up a couple of things (by Tugboat, Sodastream, Departure Lounge and Mouse on Mars) along with a couple of presents (The Thin Man Bordello and the Registered Nurse album) for an overseas friend.

Tonight, whilst finally sitting down to watch Aguirre - the wrath of God and My best fiend, I made a mix CD for another overseas friend. A few weeks ago, she'd either said I should be making them, or that she was surprised I didn't, or something - either way, I filed the suggestion for later. So now this. It's kinda downbeat. In the grand tradition, there's a bit of local talent and some overseas favourites. Newish bits and old stuff. I'm happy with it, but mainly I just hope that the recipient likes it.

Having just finished the listening test of the mix CD, I went back to listen to the day's purchases - I'm up to the Tugboat album, All Day and it's only up to track 5, but so far all augurs well for a great little album.

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