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one mike

I woke up knowing I could sing an old song called Moonshiner to the tune of Tugboat's jangly gem, Northern Spiral Arm, a song that gives me visions of the two vocalists gathered around the one microphone, like the time I saw a few people do the very same to sing Hank Williams' I Saw The Light. But that was 12 years ago, when I was younger, even more awkward, and felt a lot further from happiness. Nevertheless, and even though I didn't know it was one of his songs at the time, I could consider those few minutes a kind of "Hank Williams epiphany" - the scene, a quick get together at the end of a (fairly) prolific guitarist's one-man show, seemed magical in a way I didn't fully understand at the time. I suspect that was the moment where I started to learn that music wasn't about piling on the electronics, throwing the attitude around, or showing off one's guitar wizardy - there's another kind of music, that speaks volumes with its raw, honest simplicity.

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