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What a haul ! 7 CDs for $44, from the outside bin at Quality Music in Malvern. Two of them weren't for me - one was Slowdive's Souvlaki (without the extra tracks), going for a mere $5, so I picked it up with the intention of giving it to the first friend I saw who might actually like it - 5 minutes later, I gave it to Mike, who fit the bill. The other was that Willie Nelson tribute, Twisted Willie, which was just $8, and this one's going to Chi if he doesn't have it yet. Everything was under $10 - a couple of sampler CDs for $4 or $5, old albums by Luscious Jackson and Something for Kate for $10 and $8 respectively, and that old Cold Water Flat CD (featuring Paul Janovitz, whose brother Bill is in Buffalo Tom, remember them ?) for just $5...

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