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blip squelch thump

I made a quick lunchtime pilgrimage to Synaesthesia yesterday, to get this Nanoloop compilation along with the new Rough Trade one.

  • Nanoloop 1.0 (see the label's website), the compilation of stuff done using the Gameboy-based synth/sequencer, Nanoloop. "oh, computer game music," somebody said when I explained this to them. Not quite. The opener, by oliver wittchow chatters and blips away at a decent rate, making good use of headphone space, too. Later, we find a nice piece of 8-bit ambience, courtesy of agf/dlay. ascii blends electronic insects with a helicopter thump. blectum from blechdom's track starts off sounding like what happens when you used to do cat /vmunix > /dev/audio for amusement on somebody else's unix box, but then descends into a mixture between that and something sensible. Merzbow gets in some rhythmic squelching. Pyrolator's Nanodance would almost make the doof-doof crowd happy.

  • Lali Puna - scary world theory : Haiyan had mentioned them to me a while back, so I'd filed the name away under "things to look into when I suddenly remember in the middle of the night." epitonic had a couple of tracks, including a nice rendition of together in electric dreams. Darla went on about the new album, which I came across in Synaesthesia, and figured it'd make a decent substitute for the Rough Trade compilation, which they didn't have. More thoughts on the actual album later, when I've had time to listen to it.

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