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That's just a quick teaser - the rest of the Pernice Brothers pics oughta go up tomorrow when I have more time, along with pictures from tonight's Ed Kuepper gig. I'll try and get some better pictures of Mark Eitzel on Sunday night, if I'm in a fit state to do so after going to a friend's 40th in the afternoon.

It turns out that The Church are coming back to Melbourne on May the 5th, playing at the Athanaeum. Maybe I'll manage to get along to see them, this time.

A few quick purchases on the way home the other night, too :

  • Dan Brodie and the Broken Arrows - Big Black Guitar : it's a bit more "country"(?), or something, than his live show supporting Steve Earle the other night. This isn't a bad thing, but either way you still ought to see him live.

  • Pete Yorn - musicforthemorningafter : this kept being recommended to me, a quick listen sounded good and the price was right. Needs a few more listens before I can say something intelligible about it besides "it's good" (it's kinda funny spotting the Peter Hook-style bass during the "middle bit" of the opening track Life on a Chain, though).

  • Waco Brothers - Do you think about me ? : I didn't expect to see this (I've been having trouble finding any of their "old stuff"), and it was cheap, too. weird.

Also, an Angry Robot review (or, perhaps, an overview) of the new Pet Shop Boys album, release.

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