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The New Yorker has a short story from Haruki Murakami called Airplane (via Alex). This reminds me that just this... [more]

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on the wagon

I've been good and haven't bought any CDs this weekend (in an e-mail a little earlier, I claimed I hadn't... [more]

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more grand salvo gigs

Grand Salvo seems to be doing a few more gigs in July, including an album launch one up in Sydney... [more]

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current listening - pet shop boys' tonight is forever

Pet Shop Boys - tonight is forever : from their very first album please, which my sister bought back in... [more]

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mighty fine

via typographica, I really like the look of Gotham (see also the "more information" page, which makes for interesting reading,... [more]

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a songs: ohia interview

I forgot to mention this the other day when I was going on about The Last Record Store, but following... [more]

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born to dangle beneath that hanging tree

Another review, this time from NATN, of Mekons / Waco Brothers / etc. Welsh wonder-dude Jon Langford's Pine Valley Cosmonauts... [more]

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ed kuepper in the land of pasties

The Cornish Arms in Sydney Road, Brunswick, also has a website, with a gig guide. Look ! Ed Kuepper's coming... [more]

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brown helicopters

There's a track off the new Guided By Voices album up at epitonic, as well as some new and old... [more]

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lisa miller at the prince of wales, 21st of June

We decided to make a night of it, pre-dinner drinks, then dinner, and then eschewing the support acts to go... [more]

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gold, neighbours across the water, and loving jonathan

Furthering my quest to visit more CD shops, I finally went to Goldmine up in Carlton - its existence I'd... [more]

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the spiritually poor jetset life

So, since I'll be out of town at the time, I'll miss the chance to see Spiritualized at the Prince... [more]

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real life and postcard views

np. Kraftwerk's Europe Endless, from Trans-Europe Express. Pushed up to 10 out of 10 in that "longplayer" program thing. Nothing... [more]

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...there's now also a London Tube bloggers map (cf. the NYC subway one, the other day), via guideblog.... [more]

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the word is a virus

An fascinating site about writing systems, via the consistently interesting typographica.... [more]

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strange hours

David Bowie covering a song by The Pixies ? I never thought I'd see the day. Still, I never thought... [more]

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new toys

Just got me a Nokia 6510. I've been upgrading my phone every 18 months - my 6110 barely lasted that... [more]

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a random question

When you're sitting on a tram at 6:45 in the morning, there's not a hell of a lot to do... [more]

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current listening - the handsome family

The Handsome Family. What an odd couple. She (Rennie) writes the lyrics, he (Brett) sings. They both play the instruments.... [more]

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Hm. these comics turned out to be a little funnier than perhaps they were intended. "stick that in your Dull... [more]

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other people's stories

Via memepool of all places, a nice little story. I spent my lunchtime reading Raymond Carver stories, so it was... [more]

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odd technology choices

A friend found this - a USB compactflash card reader with builtin mouse. no, wait...... [more]

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last and found

Perhaps to prove to you all that I don't know every single shop in this town, I was on Smith... [more]

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new adventures in curvaceousness

Angry Robot dude weighs in on that new Curve album that they released all on their own.... [more]

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town and country. oh, and a giveaway.

I got the newsletter from Synaesthesia saying that, among other things, they had Ground Zero's "plays Standards" in, at a... [more]

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one more

Lisa Miller's playing the Prince of Wales on the 21st of June, with Rebecca Barnard, Ross McLennan and somebody else... [more]

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local eats

citysearch seems to have picked up on two places I've been going to a bit lately, since they're not too... [more]

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via the Pharmacy website : Registered Nurse are playing the Empress this Friday the 14th. Silver Ray's new album launch... [more]

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the things you find...

Idly poking around at stuff, I found the Neil Halstead area at 4AD. I'm not entirely sure what I'd do... [more]

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it's only sunlight

I was lent a copy of everything but the girl's acoustic album last night by Eugenie (who also makes very... [more]

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top 5 so far

it's almost the middle of the year - maybe this'll help me think things through a bit more when the... [more]

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passing through

I had my usual weekend brunch at City Cafe, and from there I walked down Barkly St to blustery... [more]

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30 seconds over caulfield

I have grand plans to buy the entire "early" Pere Ubu catalogue in one fell swoop one of these days,... [more]

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when you're drifting

Apologies for the, uh, dearth of photography in recent times. My camera goes nearly everywhere I do, but I've... [more]

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see you on rooftops

I finally spotted the new Luna album, although it hasn't particularly grabbed me upon first listen. I'll give it time.... [more]

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the all nations hotel

Well, yes, the pie is good. I say pie rather than pies, because pies makes me think of those soggy... [more]

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simple headphone mind

I found something called LongPlayer on FreshMeat today, which looks suitably useful. After all, I fit the target audience :... [more]

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Once in a while, I let myself be seduced by the thick, lusty bassline of an old Cowboy Junkies cover,... [more]

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strangers on a train

speaking of maps, here's a fairly nifty one.... [more]

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dem bones

A co-worker (6 floors away, and working at the other end of the company, but a co-worker nonetheless) has moved... [more]

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mr johnson

Resident shiny new guitar owning vinyl idolizer Vanessa took some photos the other night. Unfortunately I've no idea of the... [more]

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alpha surfari

I went a little overboard - everything was fine until sunday afternoon when I found myself in Greville Records because... [more]

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rumour mills

it's not entirely true, honest. I get coffee there every morning, but I only manage to pop in for lunch... [more]

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into the land of ghosts and promises

I hadn't ever really heard anything particularly good about Damon and Naomi (from friends, people in CD shops, etc), until... [more]

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