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community service

(or perhaps, "i care because you do".) Now that the ride's over, Mark Pilgrim's tweaked his 30 days to a... [more]

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I don't drive (at all), and I haven't played the game, but I have to point out this nice listening... [more]

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I've been keeping this blog and my (much older) journal separate because there's usually not much crossover, though I found... [more]

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customer service

So we're travelling down the path of internet sales, convenience, shopping from home dressed only in our underwear (not personally,... [more]

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I'm not much of a badge buyer - I think I had a few at uni, like most people -... [more]

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yet more josh rouse tour news

Josh Rouse is doing an in-store gig at Basement Discs at 12:45pm on August 22nd. Also, as well as the... [more]

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I neglected to mention this earlier, but I've overturned my initial (slight) doubt and really come to like (and recommend)... [more]

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just a little rain

I was casually browsing in Quality Music in Malvern when a sudden hailstorm hit. Oh well, I'll go all the... [more]

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exit everything

Into this breach flies Archer Prewitt, veteran of the defunct Coctails and the MIA Sea and Cake, and possessor of... [more]

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at last!

I popped by Polyester tonight, hoping to get that new Neil Halstead EP. Instead, I discovered a copy of The... [more]

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The Cornish Arms say Josh Rouse is playing there with Ashley Davies on the 22nd of August, as well as... [more]

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leaving a good-looking corpse

According to the Corner Hotel's website, Died Pretty are doing a final tour of Australia, stopping by the Corner Hotel... [more]

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trendspotter acrobat

There's a lot of Guided by Voices and related albums out there. Not sure where to start ? Try this... [more]

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So, those 4 Church remasters aren't enough for you ? Karmic Hit have just released a remaster of Steve Kilbey's... [more]

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I sat in my room to write a few journal entries and figured I'd put on Whiskeytown's Pneumonia, since I'd... [more]

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josh rouse is coming

Need some nice, quiet poppy sounding music ? Josh Rouse will be in Melbourne on the 22nd of August at... [more]

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supersnazz at raoul records

I managed to keep my Supersnazz appointment at Raoul Records, out the back. A good half of the crowd... [more]

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second helpings

If Salvador Dali and the above-mentioned H.R. Pufnstuf crew were to stage a poetry reading, Death by Chocolate would be... [more]

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waiting for the feel of feeling blank

307 entries and counting. But I should stop counting. After all, I've been copping out and posting lots of linkage... [more]

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i want more

Running a Debian box, and wanting to find out what other packages you're missing out on ? Maybe you don't... [more]

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the word is a virus

I never realised the Burroughs reference in "wumpus" (as in, Hunt The). How silly of me.... [more]

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it's only sunlight

what's the problem with country music ? I know, I know. The whole twang thing. The clothes. The accents. When... [more]

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postcards from the gedge

More nice surprises - Drawer B reviews Cinerama's third album, Torino, which the reviewer suggests may win back some of... [more]

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An article in The Age talks about speakers, and mentions (towards the end) that scam where some guys driving past... [more]

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exciting new discoveries

It must be the day for it. Just after a quiet few beers with a co-worker before he wanders off... [more]

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scary marketing

"Fill these slots with functionality" ? "Modularity Cafe" ? Somebody at Cisco oughta lay off the happy pills.... [more]

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little pieces of molina

Pitchfork rounds up some of the rare non-album Songs: Ohia releases. I was just listening to Axess & Ace on... [more]

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all murakami, all the time

Even /. is talking about Haruki Murakami now. I remember reading how he left Japan when he couldn't cope with... [more]

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all mission of burma, all the time

Salon pitches in on Mission of Burma's past and present, this time.... [more]

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the sound of the street

Hey, that plastic bucket drummer dude who's been busking in the CBD for the last 6 years (at least) has... [more]

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when i was a lad...

Angry Robot posts a list of albums to prove that 80's music doesn't (all) suck. I started to try and... [more]

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handsome family live set

Via this week's Real Life Rock Top 10 at Salon, a Handsome Family live album.... [more]

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amber ducks

The Bluestone (the Belgian Beer Café in St Kilda Rd, not the other Bluestone that's somewhere up in the CBD)... [more]

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local harvest - a neil young tribute at the corner hotel

Pretty much at the last minute, I decided to go and catch the Neil Young tribute (called Local Harvest)... [more]

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greetings from the in-tray

I spent all of yesterday at work, so I figured I could let myself do a bit of shopping. Now... [more]

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severed heads retrospective

Remember Severed Heads ? Forgotten, but not gone, or something like that. I dropped off the mailing list a few... [more]

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yak bar, flinders lane / russell street

It's quiet enough, looks good, and Eugenie chose a very nice wine (a Delatite Cabernet Merlot, I think it turned... [more]

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muslimgauze - veiled sisters remix

According to their latest e-mail newsletter, Soleilmoon have released a remixed version of Muslimgauze's 1993 hypnotic 2-CD epic Veiled Sisters,... [more]

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new debian packages as an rss feed

I've actually had this running since around the end of last year, but because it's been working without any noticeable... [more]

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men of the cloth

I was having a solitary lunch at City Café mostly for personal sanity reasons, when I figured I'd walk... [more]

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doctor who, the dalek slayer

I'm not a huge Doctor Who fan, although it was often watched in the household as I grew up, so... [more]

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I see Movable Type is spreading its tentacles a little further - it's entirely Graham's fault that I noticed Movable... [more]

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more on storage

PTTL on CD storage. I still haven't done anything about mine either (see previous post), but I've got a holiday... [more]

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Angry Robot has some Ivy (and some related projects). A Go-Betweens cover, eh ? Neato. I'll second his recommendation of... [more]

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It's true, I'm a sucker for a good quotation.... [more]

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difficult listening hour

If you're in the mood for some dead tree perusal, this month's edition of The Wire has a primer on... [more]

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that black sticky stuff

Graham must have ESP, 'cause just on Friday we were teaching a co-worker about vegemite. Apparently he tried it over... [more]

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the end of silence

Namedropped at least as much as Karlheinz Stockhausen, it was only a matter of time before John Cage got in... [more]

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old man ed

They might not be able to spell his name, but the Cornish Arms' website artist bio area now has a... [more]

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