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community service

(or perhaps, "i care because you do".)

Now that the ride's over, Mark Pilgrim's tweaked his 30 days to a more accessible weblog series and moved it to a new website called dive into accessibility.

I've implemented most of the suggestions (on the blog, mostly, rather than the whole site as yet), and the rest will come post-holiday and post-upgrade. Even though "doing things properly" is always such a moving target and rarely black and white, I'd like to think that I'm always trying to improve things little by little, even if it ends up merely being for my own amusement (as personal websites mostly are) - I'm not a web designer by trade or by any other means, but you could probably already tell. I don't like to make a big song and dance about things I believe in or worry about (I guess this is it), though I find that not doing so means that people often have "no idea I thought that way about things."

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