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So, those 4 Church remasters aren't enough for you ? Karmic Hit have just released a remaster of Steve Kilbey's double-vinyl solo opus, Remindlessness (with the two tracks that were on the vinyl release, but left off the original CD version).

I gave in and picked up the remaster of Seance, because I never owned already, I must shamefully admit. While I waited at the counter I gave in a little further, and picked up Of Skins and Heart, too (I would've bought Pere Ubu's St Arkansas, but not when it was going for $40). The other two can wait, though I suspect it won't be long. The videos are nothing to write home about, but they're all part of the memories...

I had a tape copy of Hindsight many years ago, thanks to a neighbour, and it was probably the one tape I ever owned that started to (audibly) show signs of the strain of overuse. I used to know every heartbeat of those songs, and hearing some of them again for the first time in a while reminds me that they never left me.

With all these reissues out (the rereleases of the first 3 Go-Betweens albums are out in the UK now), I dunno whether to feel happy or screwed. I'm trying to tread slowly, at least.

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