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waiting for the feel of feeling blank

307 entries and counting. But I should stop counting. After all, I've been copping out and posting lots of linkage lately, which doesn't really count for much. But tonight, I'm in a good mood. I've got a couple of drinks in me from an after-work thing, so I'm happy but not drunk (no matter how good an idea it might seem to continue drinking once you get home, Don't Do It. It never works. Discipline's a wonderful thing.). I found out SuperSnazz are playing at Raoul tomorrow afternoon, so I can be lazy and not go to the Tote tonight or tomorrow. I've got one of Chi's mix-CDs on the stereo (a birthday present from him, back in February). I've managed to post something approaching content instead of plain linkage, today (still, there's always room for improvement). Cheers !

Also, I've been doing heaps of template twiddling in the past couple of weeks (you know, standards/accessibility nerdery and just general fine-tweaking of things), not that anyone ought to really notice. But if you do, and something's broken, I'd love to hear about it. I haven't tried any of this on IE/Mac lately, for instance. I do know about the horrible green bits in Netscape 4 (though I don't know where they're coming from), and I'll try and make time to worry further about this.

This might've been fun to try, except I'll be out of town at the time.

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