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second helpings

If Salvador Dali and the above-mentioned H.R. Pufnstuf crew were to stage a poetry reading, Death by Chocolate would be... [more]

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waiting for the feel of feeling blank

307 entries and counting. But I should stop counting. After all, I've been copping out and posting lots of linkage... [more]

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i want more

Running a Debian box, and wanting to find out what other packages you're missing out on ? Maybe you don't... [more]

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the word is a virus

I never realised the Burroughs reference in "wumpus" (as in, Hunt The). How silly of me.... [more]

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it's only sunlight

what's the problem with country music ? I know, I know. The whole twang thing. The clothes. The accents. When... [more]

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postcards from the gedge

More nice surprises - Drawer B reviews Cinerama's third album, Torino, which the reviewer suggests may win back some of... [more]

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An article in The Age talks about speakers, and mentions (towards the end) that scam where some guys driving past... [more]

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