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a little bit of linkage

Splendid covers the new Barry Adamson release. Sleater-Kinney - fantastic or just ok ? Meanwhile, I finally remembered to download... [more]

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the croft institute

If you wander through back-alleys and rubbish bins, you'll eventually find the famed Croft Institute. It's all very "chemistry"... [more]

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after everything, now...

From both the official and unofficial sites, it seems there's a follow-on to The Church's After Everything Now This :... [more]

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more old stuff

Synaesthesia says it's got Chapter Music's release of some old Essendon Airport (David Chesworth, Robert Goodge) stuff, called Sonic investigations... [more]

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the hits keep on coming. again.

Pitchfork sez that Pavement's Slanted and Enchanted (the one that started me off on them) has been reissued, too. When... [more]

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bartender's elbow

I wandered into the Bluestone for my usual morning coffee and discovered that their annual beer pouring competition was... [more]

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you need a mess of help to stand alone

3 hours to kill before meeting a friend in Phoenix (a nice place to bum around on a Sunday... [more]

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friendly local labels

I'd heard a lot of good stuff about the Notwist's Neon Golden (eg. Drawer B's review), and it looks like... [more]

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sixty-two seconds of you

This week's sanity saver has been 1972 by Giant Sand. I don't get it, but I love it - and... [more]

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danger, will robinson !

Hrm. I hope it's not really the end, but "thanks for the memes," as one might say.... [more]

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bricks and sentiment

More practice and exercise. Chai in Café Sahara, watching all the onslaught of new buildings across the street. Treasure-hunting... [more]

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josh rouse at the corner hotel on august 22nd

He asked, "so, do you guys know who I am, or is this just 'the place to be' on... [more]

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Graham talks about getting old. While posting a long rambly comment, I wondered exactly what is our generation's defining musical... [more]

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catching up

Right. I caught Josh Rouse last night (pics up this evening, hopefully), and the blog meetup the night before (as... [more]

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that was the day

Angry Robot's latest review reminds me of the advice given in the booklet of each Pulp CD - "please do... [more]

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ten year itch

(Sorry if you'd already heard this story.) God. I just remembered that this month is the 10-year anniversary of me... [more]

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the sound of the sound of music

I'm listening to the two gay dad albums to try and rouse myself from this after-work torpor. It's almost working... [more]

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draw me a river

A friend was in Hobart around the end of last week, and found himself at a fish and chip shop... [more]

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rearranging one's movable type archives

Sometimes you don't get around to doing something until somebody else asks you how to do it (thanks, Steph). I'd... [more]

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give and take

Happy 3RRR radiothon week. You're probably sick of myself and others telling you this, but 3RRR and 3PBS have both... [more]

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the other sort of exercise

I'd lent my camera to somebody for a week, so I figured I should exercise it (and myself) while... [more]

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it's dark out there

NATN reviews both new Frank Black and the Catholics albums (one, two). I'm not expecting much (certainly the last release... [more]

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waiting for better days

The serif is dying (or at the very least, falling from grace) ! I'm as guilty as anybody for having... [more]

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the church - heyday

I just picked up the remasters of The Church's Heyday and The Blurred Crusade this afternoon. So much for... [more]

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trying out mt.el

Bill's hacked up some nice Lisp to let you post to Movable Type from Emacs, which conveniently saves me from... [more]

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Literally ! There I was, harmlessly grazing on some Pitchfork article when I see mention of the new Mekons album,... [more]

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aminals (sic)

via, Graham, this Hello Kitty USB hub reminds me of the whole Sanrio-saturation thing in Singapore. All the time I... [more]

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take these chains

Goodbye Georgia, Trebuchet MS, et al. Microsoft's core web fonts are no longer available. Good riddance, Comic Sans.... [more]

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I'm sorry for the weariness that's wormed into my "writing", both here and there. I'm having greater-than-usual trouble readjusting to... [more]

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taking a bullet for jeffrey lee

via Pitchfork (and the RSH mailing list), there's a Gun Club tribute gig on August 25th. Somebody oughta send Our... [more]

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rob snarski + dan luscombe, and registered nurse at the rob roy

My first gig since I got back from the holiday, and we hurried over after catching the Zhang Yimou film... [more]

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Perhaps the first thing I miss about Singapore is not being able to buy lime juice to drink, wherever... [more]

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how to tell you're back home

There's a million and one ways you really know you're back home after an overseas holiday, but here's my three... [more]

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the good old days

Inspired, perhaps, by Giles Smith's confessional book about being a music fan and wannabe rock star, Lost in Music, I... [more]

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lame lame lame

Perhaps it's because I picked up X's Los Angeles and The Cramps' Stay Sick! in Singapore, but right now I... [more]

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I'm back. I've got a pile of CDs and clothes to sort through, and 2 weeks of net.reading to catch... [more]

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message in a bottle

If you weren't aware of what I've been up to, I'm still in Singapore. I'll be back by the middle... [more]

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