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ten year itch

(Sorry if you'd already heard this story.)

God. I just remembered that this month is the 10-year anniversary of me downloading five 1.2MB floppy disk images from Bond University's FTP server at the nudging of a friend. He said it was called Linux, it was free, and it ran on an ordinary PC. I hadn't exactly warmed to Xenix or, later, SCO Open Desktop when Dad had brought them home - I found it hard to digest 40 floppy disks worth of software in Open Desktop's case, and with Xenix I think I just wasn't quite ready yet. The 5-disk MCC Linux distribution was exactly what I needed - just enough to get my head around without feeling like I was drowning.

Enough of this sentimentality. If you'd asked me 5 years ago, I'd have told you I fully expected to be running GNU's Hurd by now. Or, more probably, something I hadn't even heard of (or hadn't been invented) yet. So what happened ?

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