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Literally ! There I was, harmlessly grazing on some Pitchfork article when I see mention of the new Mekons album, which doesn't appear to be out just yet. This is good. I'm trying to go slow on my CD purchasing for a while.

Now, if only I can get Whiskeytown's Factory Girl out of my head. I've yet to buy either of the Ryan Adams solo albums, or Caitlin Cary's stuff, but I've found Faithless Street and Pneumonia to be a lot more...addictive than I ever expected. I still don't know what to make of the whole Ryan Adams love/hate thing people have going, but I found it amusing (and maybe slightly telling) at the end of one of the Whiskeytown tracks, where you can hear Ryan horsing around while Caitlin says "so, what song are we gonna do now ?" in a sort of motherly fashion. Factory Girl is probably the one that hits me most, because it sounds so nice, quiet, honest and yearning with its "i took this shift because of her" (perhaps Mining Town comes second, for having the same qualities).

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