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things to do on a sunday evening

I've done a bit of work on my photo site, making the icon-sized versions of the pictures a bit bigger... [more]

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investigating the local talent

The Glen Eira council's gallery had some new exhibitions going on - in the almost 5 years I've been living... [more]

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My Kevin Blechdom photos will go up on Tuesday (for the first time in the 2 years that we've had... [more]

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catching up on some random linkage

The Liars are weird like that -- they fake you out, they deceive you, they puzzle the shit out of... [more]

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rainy wobbly days

So as I paid for another Pere Ubu album in Missing Link this afternoon, the guy behind the counter asked... [more]

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more gnus rss goodness

When somebody has a Good Idea, people rush to implement and reimplmement it under every platform known to man -... [more]

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put me on a slow boat

I've been knee deep in evaluation PCs (funny little shiny things they are, too) and laptops, configuring switches to send... [more]

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hair status report

Well, it was time to replace the red/brown arrangement I did in Singapore 7 weeks ago (you know, in... [more]

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the newer wave

Retail therapy at lunchtime netted me Pere Ubu's The Modern Dance (I've given up thinking about the boxed set, I... [more]

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walk against worry

Well, on the off-chance you tried coming here after Saturday morning and discovered there was nobody home, yes, we had... [more]

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wielding the ladle

soup, the group blog I've setup with some old friends, seems to be gathering momentum (as well as a real... [more]

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after the goldrush

Well. Wasn't that a small turnout ? 8 people in total (and not quite all at the same time) compared... [more]

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arkestral manoeuvres in hoboken

acb reviews the new Ninety Nine album, which I'll be buying out curiosity sometime real soon now - will this... [more]

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two for one offer, hurry while stocks last

Er. Yes. If you saw the printed versions of this or this, that really is my ugly mug on the... [more]

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"that's a nice shirt" "it's a ben sherman !"

I promised various people I'd count up exactly how many Ben Sherman shirts I own, and so it turns out... [more]

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oh by the way

I upgraded the hardware this website runs on, on Friday afternoon (yes, the 13th). Hopefully you haven't noticed any differences,... [more]

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other recent listening - primal scream, lambchop, the notwist, liars

It'd been a whole week and I still hadn't listened to it, but I finally put Primal Scream's Evil Heat... [more]

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jon langford and sally timms - songs of false hope and high values

I never did mention another random find a few weeks back when I popped into Basement Discs - I'd just... [more]

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every atom in your body was once in a star

I'm still busy stressing over lots of things (including the imminent hardware upgrade of this webserver), but happy birthday Steve... [more]

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another new beginning

I've been so busy that I still haven't managed to listen to the new Primal Scream album (which I didn't... [more]

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lucky number 8

What's this about a new Ladytron album ? Fortune was definitely smiling upon me today - Greville Records had the... [more]

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my life on the away team

I made Mavis another mix CD last week. Maybe it's a bit over-engineered, I'm not sure. It's in four parts,... [more]

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I'm beginning to think I should just "subscribe" to a couple of record labels (Pharmacy, Spunk and probably Chapter if... [more]

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current listening - boredoms, vision creation newsun

I went and dug this out of the shelf after reading The Wire's interview with Eye and Yoshimi. Wow. This... [more]

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the surrogate, 2002-09-05 at boutique

I'll fully admit to having fairly low expectations, given that an old friend I hadn't seen in ages had... [more]

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sorry 'bout the drought. i'm sorely uninspired and desperately in need of a kick up the arse. bear with me.... [more]

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tripod - pod august nights II at the prince pat, 2002-08-31

I hadn't seen Tripod in an embarrassingly long time, but fortunately we all got organized this time around. It... [more]

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