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i have nothing to say and i'm saying it

Mogwai's my father my king provides a fine example of the power inherent in the absence of sound - once... [more]

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silver ray / grand salvo last gigs for a while, registered nurse's second album

Straight from the Pharmacy Records website, it seems like Registered Nurse have finally finished their long-promised second album, called Young... [more]

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harvest festival 2002

I didn't make it to all of this year's Harvest Festival, just the Corner Hotel and Raoul Records bits. At... [more]

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trains a comin'

I passed on a Clouds single that had a cover of Wichita Lineman, but I did pick up this... [more]

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I came here a couple of years back, and remember feeling a bit packed in amongst all the wooden decor... [more]

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good evening, captain

I caught a bit of Seth Rees' quiet little slow but slightly shimmery guitar-noodling set at Good Morning Captain, until... [more]

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roamin' holiday

Have a good trip, acb - take some photos and see some bands for the rest of us...... [more]

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association is free

I haven't been carrying my discman around much lately, which makes it hard to concretely associate songs with events and... [more]

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surprising oneself

Having come across the location of the beta Flash 6 player for Linux, I wandered off to the Flash 6-only... [more]

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back on the road

Good to see RAN ramping up production, lately : Graham on Peter Gabriel's Up : I've been a marginal PG... [more]

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92 people taking it too fast

I dropped by Second Spin for the first time in a while, and the guy there (whose name I... [more]

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golden rough in town for harvest festival / gene clark tribute album launch

via their newsletter (the first I've had from them, I think), Golden Rough say they're coming down next weekend to... [more]

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the old trip

I picked up Moving Parts as promised, as well as the recent reissue of Nikki Sudden and Rowland S.... [more]

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v/vm are in town

Today's newsletter from Synaesthesia mentions that UK plunderphonic funsters V/VM are in town, and they'll be performing at the Rob... [more]

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go-betweens news

according to the mailing list, the new album's rumoured to be called Bright Yellow, Bright Orange, and is due around... [more]

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the good old days

It's good to see a bit more content than usual from my original web heroine Miss Z, at the moment.... [more]

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morrissey at the forum, 2002-10-16

Well. It was good, though having not been to a gig this size in years, I felt a bit distant,... [more]

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Alex has revitalized and moved to close your eyes. Welcome back ! The Buzzcocks thing made interesting reading...... [more]

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another rough trade compilation on the way

Rough Trade's got another compilation due right about now - rock and roll 1, the analogue (in both senses) to... [more]

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the boy is like a tape loop

I'm looking forward to this new Luna EP, even if I've already got Neon Lights - they'd already covered it... [more]

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movable type 2.5 / mt search

Well, I chucked the new release of Movable Type in (after watching the forums for any showstoppers) and quickly setup... [more]

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squaring those two white circular things in yer head

So, you score yourself a spiffy new monitor[1] for your desk at work, which apparently does 2048x1536 at 80Hz (1600x1200's... [more]

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via acb the other day, I finally got around to poking through ziboy's very nice photos, mostly of people. Personally,... [more]

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set the controls

Splendid's George Zahora interviews the man of a thousand imaginary (and a few real) soundtracks, Barry Adamson.... [more]

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sunny days and dots and lines

I should've gone back out and made the most of another few hours of sun (there's still time, I suppose),... [more]

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joshu lives!

If I hadn't dragged you there in person, you'd probably heard me go on about Tonkatsu Joshu, or at least... [more]

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new fruit for the in-tray

It's certainly been a productive weekend for procurement. I picked up the new releases from Spoon, Interpol (from Polyester, 'cause... [more]

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things to look forward to

I took a few quick photos yesterday during a quick escape-style lunch in Chapel St. It's nice to have... [more]

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slugging fer jesus

It's probably a completely silly and far-too-predictable idea, given that the, er, fame thing hasn't quite faded yet - somebody... [more]

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all over town

Pitchfork on the new compilation of the The stuff, bemoaning the crappy 12-inch mixes instead of actual rarities : The... [more]

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I always had a soft spot for Vault, which everybody called the Yellow Peril instead. The Age has a... [more]

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more local art, and a bit of retro filmage

I caught acb's work being displayed as part of a collection of Fitzroy-themed art, last night. It stood up pretty... [more]

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kevin blechdom, the sailors, curse ov dialect at revolver, 2002-09-28

acb and I caught some bands at Revolver on Saturday night. First up were curse ov dialect, dressed very...er...all-worldly... [more]

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