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Scrumptious new fonts (Baskerville 1757, Montrachet and Monteverdi) by Lars Bergquist at Fountain. If only I had a use for... [more]

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the speed of the sound of loneliness

I don't have much to contribute to the discussion of sleeplessness. It happens to me occasionally, but not with a... [more]

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hot under the collar

Next time somebody gives me shit about my shirt collection, I'll just point them at this. He's http://troubled-diva.blogspot.com/2002_11_24_troubled-diva_archive.html#85726722">still going. Maybe... [more]

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Well, since everybody's been linking to it all week I finally pulled down the new Cat Power mp3. Nice. It... [more]

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bar nothing, pigdon st, carlton

It's not so often you hear Lambchop played in a bar, though maybe it was just for the name of... [more]

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write your own song

So, your favourite band doesn't have a website yet ? Thinking of setting one up for them ? Here's how,... [more]

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list lust

Graham wants to do another list, this time of the best australiany stuff from the 80's. I've done a quick... [more]

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speaking of random pomo artwork...

...there's a new exhibition on at Glen Eira town hall until mid-december sometime, I think, by final year Monash Uni... [more]

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lucky dip

So one day you guiltily wander into one of your regular second hand shops even though you just bought 3... [more]

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damien jurado and gathered in song - i break chairs

I didn't expect something that'd rock so much. I didn't quite expect a country-boy voice that reminds me a little... [more]

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four big clocks

Laurie Anderson's coming ! February 15th at the Concert Hall. How do you begin to explain Laurie Anderson ? "I... [more]

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hello young bloggers

Well, I showed up, despite indicating otherwise - gin and colds aren't supposed to mix, but I seem to have... [more]

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twenty nine degrees and years

In an unprecedented spurt of organization, I already have a christmas present for my parents - the anthology of american... [more]

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registered nurse album launch at the tote, 2002-11-15

I sat in the beer garden during the support acts, drawn into my book instead of burying myself in the... [more]

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over the hills and far away

life imitates film, more or less.... [more]

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grand salvo farewell gig at the carlton courthouse, 2002-11-12

It was intimate, crammed into the Carlton Courthouse with a sort of amateur theatre feel to the whole thing.... [more]

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other new things

Here's what I've been listening to out of my recent purchases (there's a few others, but I don't have as... [more]

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dave graney in-store gig at borders, 2002-11-10

I happened to be wandering through Borders when Dave Graney, Clare Moore and Bill Miller were setting up for... [more]

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running from the body

Another day, another long walk home. It was a nice day for being alone, though. [ the start of... [more]

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under the overpass, and over the underpass

I'm a bit behind on having something to say about this week's acquisitions and listenings, but in the meantime you... [more]

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somebody who uses gill sans

It's odd to be noticed as a Gill Sans user, as opposed to something else. I don't own a Mac... [more]

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rowland s howard at the empress, 2002-11-04

Well, ok, the headlining act was Silver Ray but I ended up deciding to leave before they came on (though... [more]

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dumb ideas for mix CDs

I was listening to the Spoon CD on the way home last night (at an ATM, a little girl asked... [more]

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your own personal man in black

So you thought Johnny Cash was, uh, pushing the envelope by covering Will Oldham and Nick Cave (or even U2)... [more]

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up arrow

I've been trying to look after acb's upcoming events page while he's away without corrupting it with country and other... [more]

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