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the other mr squiggle

Via memepool, a guy who draws cartoons on the back of business cards. Nifty (eg. the Raymond Carver one in... [more]

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technicolour yawn

Bored with the standard PalmOS blue and white ? Try Colorize. It's entirely frivolous, but fortunately it's free. (Never mind... [more]

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surfin' cubase-a

The Register: Cubase gets bought out by Pinnacle in California, but read on to see the quote from Ralf Hütter... [more]

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today's listening

Expanding a little on some of the stuff I put in the right-hand sidebar... the halo benders - god don't... [more]

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A freshly stocked CD changer's sure to help me cope with the new year. No, really. There's nothing quite like... [more]

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top N for 2002

Ok, I'm running out of time to sort this out, so here goes: Top 10 new releases of 2002: Neil... [more]

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registered nurse, in order

Registered Nurse are playing their entire new album Young Husbands in order at the Corner this Friday (3rd of January),... [more]

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ok, you're a taxi

Marty Willson-Piper's doing a gig tonight at the Corner, which I might drag myself to if I can make it... [more]

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trifekta records boat party, 2002-12-22

acb and I hopped aboard the Victoria Star for the Trifekta Records boat party, where I also ran into... [more]

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i'd like to thank...

I found out about my new fame a day too late, 'cause I spent all yesterday having a ball at... [more]

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antlers by night

Graham has a new track up, which reminds me a fair bit of an old Bill Leeb (of Front Line... [more]

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neil halstead at the evelyn, 2002-12-20

Another nice little acoustic gig, this time from one little English surfer dude and his harmonica. Hi, lo and in-between,... [more]

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that type of guy

Typographica is, as usual, full of handy and informative links - if only I had more time for all of... [more]

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talking about talking about making lists about stuff we liked to listen to

While I start to start thinking about top tens for the year, you can read what I thought back in... [more]

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changing habits

I need a new favourite café. Who wants to swap ? You can have my sunny table outside City Café... [more]

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reaping the slow road

Hey, looks like me and my high school friends aren't the only ones who really liked that Neil Halstead album... [more]

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what's that sound ?

I noticed an ad on TV announcing a Siemens phone that lets you record your own ringtone noise - I've... [more]

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triple word score

Give the gift of music. Somebody's getting a few CDs whose artists coincidentally all start with L. Somebody else is... [more]

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that's how you sing...

The opening track on the new Low album seems very...well...Slowdive in places, don't ya think ? I (finally) received my... [more]

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a tiny speck of somebody's history

In the inbox : Iron & Wine, Death in Vegas and a local band called The Hired Guns (I was... [more]

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I took a 2.5-day micro-vacation(?) with my parents down to Flinders, on the Westernport Bay-side of the Mornington Peninsula.... [more]

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candle records tour feb. 2003

Golden Rough's newsletter mentioned they'll be in town on February 15th at the Corner Hotel for Candle Records' next tour,... [more]

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I broke the 14-day CD-buying drought yesterday afternoon 'cause I spotted the new Church remix+offcuts album Parallel Universe. I can't... [more]

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a bright yellow february

According to these guys on the Go-Betweens list, the new album (Bright Yellow Bright Orange) hits the US on Feb.... [more]

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hair status report

No more blond bits, and yes, you can laugh, I got a bit sunburnt. I still haven't felt like... [more]

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