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that's how you sing...

The opening track on the new Low album seems very...well...Slowdive in places, don't ya think ?

I (finally) received my copy of somebody's compilation of the original tracks that Robert Forster covered on his I had a New York girlfriend album. This was the album that finally made me go and buy everything he did, everything The Go-Betweens did, and everything Grant McLennan did. I can remember hearing 2541 getting some local airplay, and thinking "wow, that's such a great little song." I never did go and buy any of Grant Hart's stuff after all that, but I found Forster's covers album going second-hand in the university market one lunchtime a few years later - it may not have had the kind of deep experimental streak that gives some covers albums a leg up into fame or notoriety, it went for more simple territory - a guy and some friends who sounded like they were just having fun doing a pile of old songs, and I'll tempt fate by suggesting that there's not a bad track on this album (yes, even his cover of Alone).

(oh, and I went and bought myself a copy of chairs missing, Darren.)

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