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a tiny speck of somebody's history

In the inbox : Iron & Wine, Death in Vegas and a local band called The Hired Guns (I was out shopping for CDs for others, but you know how it goes).

Right now I'm busy listening to Mission of Burma instead. I still don't remember exactly why I bought Vs. at the time, a few years ago - I didn't know much about them apart from hearing a few things about them being "influential", and, yes, I admit it, Moby's cover of that song - it's a cliché but it's true. Still, it's heartening to know that when you go searching for the original and take a leap of faith, you get much, much more than you bargained for. I usually find myself skipping that particular song nowadays, 'cause I don't want to feel like I'm wearing it out.

Oh, and I've just (post MoB) found time to start listening to your Boyracer CD, acb.

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