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I broke the 14-day CD-buying drought yesterday afternoon 'cause I spotted the new Church remix+offcuts album Parallel Universe. I can't say I was overwhelmed with the first (incomplete) listen to the remix CD - it seemed, in parts, a bit stuck in that "wooshy"(?) era that's typified for me, I guess, by the remix of Interloper on The Mark of Cain's Rock and Roll remix album from 6 years ago. Bits of it are ok, but i'll need to spend more time with it. The second disc has the offcuts from the previous album sessions - they aren't too bad but again, nothing really stands out just yet (at least they chose the right album tracks this time - with Sometime Anywhere some of the better tracks were left languishing on the bonus disc...).

I managed to read 3 books over my weekend mini-vacation, including Paolo Hewitt's Mod anthology called The Sharper Word, which acb lent me last week (thanks dude) - Interesting, and I feel a bit better 'cause they spent heaps more on clothes than I do (on the other hand, reading the book is enough to make anybody feel their wardrobe's pretty pathetic). I was in the mood for more books, so I went and picked up Jeffrey Lee Pierce's Go Tell The Mountain and Michael Azerrad's Our band could be your life once I got home.

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