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seeing the music

Indirectly via typographica (well, via rebecky.com if you really wanted to know), gig posters from real soon now and a... [more]

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release the bats

Word on the Rowland S. Howard mailing list suggests that there's a Birthday Party DVD called Pleasure Heads Must Burn... [more]

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my evil clone

acb took some nice pictures of Kraftwerk last night with my camera. Good stuff. Also : Pitchfork interviews Sam Beam... [more]

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well, how did i get here ?

It doesn't mean much but hey, it's my 501st post, and I need to celebrate something this week. 856 journal... [more]

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those darker forces just ain't real

I've been enjoying the healing power of loud music, today - I was so stressed at work that I wanted... [more]

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fa fa fa fa fa fa - the adventures of talking heads in the 20th century

I finished devouring David Bowman's fa fa fa fa fa fa - the adventures of Talking Heads in the 20th... [more]

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tell those men with cameras for eyes

The Church - The Unguarded Moment : Well, I couldn't let this go, could I ? It now sits... [more]

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Hey, looks like Andrew McCubbin and his Hope Addicts are back from overseas. I might try and get along to... [more]

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I managed to get imgSeek going at work the other week, though the constantly shifting sands of Debian's unstable distribution... [more]

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lo-fi blogging goes gold

Blosxom 1.0 is out. If all this Movable Type guff's a bit too pretty-boy for you, Blosxom works just great.... [more]

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captain bulhak

Nice work, art boy. I'll try and pop in some time. Does this include your Punters Club shot ?... [more]

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a couple of reviews

Hey, The Ukranians are still going. And somebody likes that Church remix album (now that I'm buying less CDs, I... [more]

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life's little mysteries

So if good-looking women aren't allowed to have brains, and just about any men aren't allowed to have brains, where... [more]

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Darren on Pitchfork's electronic revisionism. Maybe they're just jealous 'cause Jean-Michel got the girl (Charlotte Rampling) ?... [more]

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down boy

BoingBoing mentions that there's going to be a film adaptation of On The Road. If they film it the way... [more]

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giving the boy a complex

It's been a quiet new year for CD purchasing - I'm really trying to be good for a while (which... [more]

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tuesday night filmage at the builders arms

The Builders Arms is having film nights on Tuesdays. Next Tuesday it's Microcosmos, and the one after that (Feb 4th)... [more]

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calling the shots

I've been a bit camera-lazy lately, but here's a few more from the other day (I did the rather... [more]

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rob snarski + dan luscombe, wagons at the rob roy this saturday night

Rob Snarski and Dan Luscombe are playing the Rob Roy tomorrow night with Wagons. Both of these acts put out... [more]

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instant gratification

If you're interested in Jabber one way or another, go fill in their user survey. Personally, I've been keen on... [more]

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the auctioneer in his black chapeau says everything, everything, everything must go

Ok, it's time. I'm in the process of purging myself of old t-shirts, and since people expressed interest in some... [more]

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Calexico's new album Feast of Wire is due on February 10th. So are some remastered Cocteau Twins albums, according to... [more]

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another 15 seconds

Looks like my New Debian Packages RSS feed has been noticed - I already got an e-mail from Josh McKee... [more]

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more old stuff

So, haven't had enough of all that old Australian music with the likes of 2002's Do the Pop! and Born... [more]

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if we never make back it to california

American Music Club - United Kingdom / California : I'd collected all my AMC and Mark Eitzel albums together... [more]

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after everything else

Popmatters has a fairly bleak review of The Church's Parallel Universe remix/extras album : ...has the effect of bringing the... [more]

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we have no bananas

Alex has 10 nice (and not so nice) things to say about The Velvet Underground and Nico. Some time last... [more]

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bees in yer bonnet

There we were, happily lunching outside City Café (yes, again) when a swarm of bees appeared out of nowhere,... [more]

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damien jurado

Splendid interviews Damien Jurado, which is a nice coincidence - I just found Rehearsals for Departure going second hand on... [more]

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the statue got me high

At the start of 2002 I saw a couple of films in a short period of time (well, it was... [more]

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