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I managed to get imgSeek going at work the other week, though the constantly shifting sands of Debian's unstable distribution (it's called unstable for a reason, boys and girls) means I'll have to wait a little while before I'm able to install a working python2.2-qt3 package at home just yet - I'm in no particular rush, or I'd just build it from source, of course.

But yes. imgSeek. It's a lot of fun. Draw an orange smudge, and it'll happily scoot off and find all your photos with something approximating an orange smudge in it. Or you can provide a photo, and say "go find ones like this." It does a heap of other organizational stuff too, which I'm looking forward to trying on my 5.6 gigabytes of photos sitting here at home. I've been fairly slack organizing my photos, so far, both at home and on the website (fixing the website's going to be pretty gnarly, and might have to involve a horridly-sized RewriteMap if I'm not careful), but maybe this program'll help me on the day that I Get Around To Doing ItTM.

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