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Hey, looks like Andrew McCubbin and his Hope Addicts are back from overseas. I might try and get along to... [more]

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I managed to get imgSeek going at work the other week, though the constantly shifting sands of Debian's unstable distribution... [more]

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lo-fi blogging goes gold

Blosxom 1.0 is out. If all this Movable Type guff's a bit too pretty-boy for you, Blosxom works just great.... [more]

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captain bulhak

Nice work, art boy. I'll try and pop in some time. Does this include your Punters Club shot ?... [more]

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a couple of reviews

Hey, The Ukranians are still going. And somebody likes that Church remix album (now that I'm buying less CDs, I... [more]

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life's little mysteries

So if good-looking women aren't allowed to have brains, and just about any men aren't allowed to have brains, where... [more]

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